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Q-Pico - Serie

Q-Pico - Serie, gütegeschalteter Nd:YAG Laser, Dioden-gepumpt

Q Pico

The Q-PICO diode pumped laser system is a perfect choice for OEMs and system integrators who produce picosecond based systems for medical and aesthetic use. Optical components of robust master oscillator are sealed from environment in order to avoid contamination and ensure long-term reliable operation. Oscillator and compressor are mounted on temperature controlled plate using TEC coolers for excellent temperature stability.


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  • Up to 1mJ pulse energy at 1064nm
  • Air cooled (no water)
  • Short pulse duration < 700ps
  • Up to 20Hz repetition rate
  • Remote control via built-in Ethernet interface
  • 1064, 532, 355, 266nm harmonic output
  • OEM design
  • Guaranteed > 1 Gshot lifetime


  • Seeding picosecond amplifiers
  • Medical
  • Spectroscopy
  • Meterology
  • Supercontinuum generation
  • Pollution monitoring
  • Biophotonics

The newly developed Quantas Picosecond laser system is a perfect choice for OEMs and system integrators who produce picosecond laser systems for medical and aesthetic use. It combines innovative pulse compression technique with robust master oscillator. System consist of diode pumped actively Q-switched short pulse nano‑second laser and non-linear solid state compressor. Master oscillator is designed to produce short pulses with high output energy. Optical components of master oscillator are sealed from environment in order to avoid contamination and ensure long-term reliable operation of the laser. Master oscillator and pulse compressor are mounted on common plate that is temperature controlled using TEC coolers with good temperature stability. Laser controller has Ethernet interface for convenient monitoring and control from personal computer. The compact design is easy to integrate into amplifier system. Sub‑nanosecond pulse duration, high pulse energy, stable long term output specs, makes Quantas PICO lasers ideal source for system integrators.

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Specifications 1)

Wavelength 1064 nm
Pulse energy > 1 mJ
Typical pulse duration 700 ps ± 100ps2)
Pulse to pulse energy stability < 3.0 % RMS3)
Power drift ± 3 % over 8 hours 4)
Pulse repetition rate 0 - 20 Hz (variable)5)
Beam profile bell-shaped, > 90 % fit to Gaussian
Beam divergence < 4 mrad6)
Beam pointing stability < 30 µrad RMS
Polarization linear, > 95 %
Typical beam diameter 0.8 mm7)
Jitter < 1 ns RMS8)
Optional Harmonics Generator Module
532 nm 0.5 mJ
355 nm 0.2 mJ
266 nm 0.1 mJ
Optional Attenuator
Wavelength 1064 nm, 532 nm, 355 nm
Attenuation range 5-95 %
Laser head (WxLxH) 150 x 275 x 135 mm3
Harmonics generator module (WxLxH) 113 x 242 x 112 mm3
Controller unit (WxLxH) 104 x 165 x 55 mm3
Power adapter, typical (WxLxH) 50 x 125 x 32 mm3
Operating Requirements
Cooling requirements air cooled (no water)
Ambient temperature 20 - 35 °C
Cooling system forced air (cold plate is optional)
Max. separation of laser head and controller 1 m (limitted by interconnection cable length); 3 m is optional
Relative humidity 10 - 80 % (non-condensing)
Mains voltage 90 - 230 V AC, single phase, 47 - 63 Hz9)
Power consumption < 50 W peak

1)Due to continuous improvements all specifications are subject to change. Unless stated otherwise all specifications are measured at 1064 nm and max pulse repetition rate depending on model.

2)FWHM level at 1064 nm. Expected.

3)Averaged from 30 second time interval.

4)Over 8 hour period when ambient temperature variation is less than ±2 °C.

5)Factory-set pulse repetition rate is 20 Hz. Variable pulse repetition rate is possible when laser is externally triggered.

6)Full angle measured at 1/e² level.

7)Beam diameter is measured 20 cm from laser output at 1/e² level.

8)In respect to pump diode triggering pulse.

9)Powering from +12 V DC, 5 A power supply is possible.

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 Q Pico
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 Q Pico dimensions
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Q-PICO dimensions laser head
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