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Abstimmbares OPA-System ORPHEUS-F

orpheus f 1

Die Firma Light Conversion stellt mit dem ORPHEUS–F einen neuen Optisch Parametrischen Verstärker (OPA) zur Verfügung, der sowohl kurze Pulse mit minimal 25fs als auch einen breiten Tuningbereich von 320-2500nm bietet. Damit wird die ORPHEUS Produktfamilie mit einem breitbandigen OPA für hohe Pumpleistungen (20W) und hohe Pulswiederholraten (1MHz) erweitert.


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  • Combines the best features of collinear and non-collinear OPA
  • <100 fs pulse duratioin
  • Variable bandwidth
  • Single pulse - 1 MHz repetition rate
  • Computer controlled

ORPHEUS‑F is a hybrid optical parametric amplifier of white‑light continuum pumped by femtosecond Ytterbium based laser amplifiers. This OPA combines the short pulse durations that are produced by a non‑collinear OPA and wide wavelength tuning range offered by collinear version. The Signal beam can be easily compressed with a simple prism‑based setup down to < 60 fs in most of the tuning range, while Idler is compressed in bulk material down to 40 fs – 90 fs depending on wavelength.

It is possible to limit the output bandwidth to some extent (up to 2 – 3 times) without losing any output power. By comparison, standard ORPHEUS device uses spectral narrowing to produce bandwidth‑limited 200 fs – 300 fs duration pulses directly at the output, with extended Signal/Idler tuning range and options to generate ultraviolet and mid‑infrared light. Our non‑collinear ORPHEUS‑N‑2H device produces even broader bandwidths, compressible down to 20 fs, but limits the tuning range to 650 nm – 900 nm. This places the performance of ORPHEUS‑F configuration in between our other solutions.

Tab 2

Required pump laser PHAROS, PHAROS-SP or CARBIDE laser
Tuning range    650–900 nm (signal)
1200–2500 nm (idler)
Conversion efficiency at peak of tuning curve, signal and idler combined >10%, for pump energy 30–500 µJ
Pulse energy stability <2% rms @ 700-900 nm and 1200-2000 nm
Pulse Bandwidth 200-600 cm-1 @ 650-900 nm
150-500 cm-1 @ 1200-2000 nm
Pulse duration before compression  <250 fs
Pulse duration after compression* 25-70 fs @ 650-900 nm
40-100 fs @ 1200-2000nm
Compressor transmission* 50-70 % @ 700-900 nm
70-80 % @ 1200-2000 nm

* Optional compressor includes two prism compressor for signal and bulk compressor for idler


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Bild 1
 Orpheus F typical performance
Beschreibung 1
 Typical performance of ORPHEUS-F
Bild 2
 Orpheus F typical spectral bandwidth
Beschreibung 2
Typical spectral bandwidth of Orpheus-F
Bild 3
 Orpheus F Typical pulse duration after external compression
Beschreibung 3
 Typical pulse duration after external compression ORPHEUS‑F
Bild 4
Beschreibung 4
Bild 5
Beschreibung 5
Bild 6
Beschreibung 6
Bild 7
Beschreibung 7
Bild 8
Beschreibung 8
Bild 9
Beschreibung 9
Bild 10
Beschreibung 10