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TOPAG Lasertechnik GmbH
Nieder-Ramstädter Str. 247
64285 Darmstadt
Telefon: +49 6151 4259 78
Telefax: +49 6151 4259 88 
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Hochleistungs-OPA-System ORPHEUS-Twins

Orpheus TWINS

ORPHEUS-TWINS - zwei OPAs unter einem Dach. Beide OPAs sind in einem Gehäuse integriert und teilen die selbe Weißlicht-Quelle. ORPHEUS-TWINS bietet zwei separate  Ausgänge, die im Wellenlängenbereich 650nm-2600nm unabhängig voneinander abstimmbar sind. Das Design des OPA ORPHEUS-TWINS ermöglicht ein völlig freihändiges Tuning, gleichzeitig werden Position und Richtung des Ausgangsstrahls für alle Wellenlängen konstant gehalten.


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  • Designed for high-power and high repetition rates (200kHz – 1000kHz), can accept up to 25W of pump power (at 1MHz pulse repetition rate)
  • Single output beam position and direction through the whole tuning range.
  • Automated wavelength separators for hands-free operation.
  • Compact design leaves more table space for your experiments.
  • Integrated spectrometers monitor the output wavelength of OPAs in 650nm – 1050nm wavelength range.
  • The pulse picker integrated into our lasers enables single pulse and pulse-on-demand operation for your application
  • Residual fundamental (1030nm) and second harmonic (515nm) beams available through dedicated output ports.
  • Optional fresh second harmonic is accessible when one of the OPAs is not used.
  • Pulse durations of <200fs out of the box, no additional pulse compressors required
  • The package includes a MS Windows® laptop computer with standard WinTOPAS OPA software + additional LabVIEW based software for OPA control and wavelength monitoring
Operation of ORPHEUS-Twins is based on amplification of white light continuum. A small portion of the input fundamental beam (1030nm) is used to generate a supercontinuum in bulk medium, which is then split 50/50 to seed two separate OPAs. The rest of fundamental beam is used to generate the second harmonic at 515nm, which is then split between two amplification stages to pump the nonlinear crystals. The temporal overlap and crystal angle tuning is automated through motorized translation and rotation stages. The output beam from the housing consists of two collinear beams – signal and idler, which are then separated in an external dichroic mirror wheel. At the output of this separator both – signal and idler – beams are available. The residual fundamental and second harmonic beams are also available through dedicated output ports.


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Required pump laser PHAROS, PHAROS-SP or CARBIDE laser
Accepted pump input pulse energy @ 1030nm, 150fs-300fs pulse duration 9 µJ – 25 µJ
Supported repetition rates Single pulse – 1 MHz
Integrated second harmonic generation efficiency (515nm) >45%
Tuning range 650-1020 nm signal and 1040-2600 nm idler
Output pulse energy at 9 µJ pump, each OPA
*Output energy scales linearly with input energy
>100nJ @ 700-950nm
>75nJ @ 650-700nm, 1050-1500nm
Output polarization Horizontal @ active OPA wavelength. Note that Signal and Idler wavelength are always orthogonal at the output.
If Idler (1030-2600nm) is selected as “active”– idler polarization is horizontal, signal – vertical.
If Signal is selected as “active” – signal polarization will be horizontal, Idler polarization – vertical
Pulse energy stability <2% rms @ 700-1000 nm and 1050-2000 nm
Pulse Bandwidth 80-120 cm-1 @ 700-960nm, pumped by PHAROS
120-220 cm-1 @ 700-960nm, pumped by PHAROS-SP
Pulse duration 150-230 fs, pumped by PHAROS
120-190 fs, pumped by PHAROS-SP
Time-bandwidth product <1.5x bandwidth limited TBP
Integrated mini spectrometers Wavelength range: 650 – 1050nm, resolution: ~1.5nm



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