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TOPAG Lasertechnik GmbH
Nieder-Ramstädter Str. 247
64285 Darmstadt
Telefon: +49 6151 4259 78
Telefax: +49 6151 4259 88 
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Femtosecond laser PHAROS

Pharos Hintergrund

PHAROS is a diode pumped femtosecond laser with an integrated oscillator and amplifier. The amplifier delivers pulse energy >2mJ and output power >20W. The pulse duration is tunable from 200 fs to 15 ps. Included pulse picker allows pulse-on-demand operation and a variable repetition rate from single shot pulses to 1MHz. Compact and robust optomechanical design  as well temperature stabilized housing ensuring stable operation.


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  • Pulse duration <190 fs - 10 ps
  • Pulse energy up to 2 mJ
  • Average power up to 20 W
  • Flexibility in repetition rate: single-pulse to 200 kHz (extendable to 1 MHz)
  • Broad range of wavelength conversion options (harmonic generators, OPA, NOPA, continuum generators)
  • Rugged mechanical design with sealed modules replaceable on field


  • Micromachining
  • Micro- and nano-structuring
  • Nonlinear optics
  • Time-resolved spectroscopy
  • Biomedical applications

“PHAROS” is built upon traditional chirped pulse amplification technique, employing seed oscillator, regenerative amplifier and pulse stretcher/compressor modules. Kerr lens mode-locked oscillator, incorporating chirped mirrors for compensation of group velocity dispersion, typically delivers >700 mW output with sub-80 fs pulse duration. Regenerative amplifier is based on Yb:KGW lasing medium. Amplifier is non-collinearly pumped by one or two (respectively 4W or 6-15 W “PHAROS”) Light Conversion proprietary design high-brightness diode bar modules delivering up to 60 W of power. Conventional low loss BBO Pockels cells are used in regenerative amplifier and pulse picker at repetition rates up to 200 kHz (extendable to 1 MHz). The stretcher/compressor module is based on a single high efficiency  transmission grating with excellent power handling capability. Timing electronics, controls the operation of Pockels cells and monitors performance of the whole system. Separate modules of “PHAROS” system are interlinked by a set of industrial CAN bus microcontrollers. Operating parameters are adjustable via remote control module or external PC connected via USB interface.

Standard "PHAROS" system delivers pulse energies up to 0.2 mJ or 0.4 mJ and minimum pulse duration shorter than 290 fs, somewhat varying with the repetition rate due to change in saturation level of the laser crystal. Short Pulse model PHAROS-SP incorporates modified resonator cavity with increased amplification bandwidth consequently delivering up to 1.5 mJ pulse energies and reduced pulse duration to <190 fs.

Tab 2
PHAROS 4W 6W 10W 15W 20W SP SP 1.5 mJ 2mJ
Max. average power 4W 6W 10W 15W 20W 6W
Min. pulse duration < 290 fs < 190 fs < 300 fs
Pulse duration range < 290 fs - 10 ps < 190 fs - 10 ps < 300 fs - 10 ps
Max. pulse energy > 0.2 mJ or > 0.4 mJ > 1 mJ > 1.5 mJ > 2 mJ
Beam quality TEM00; M² < 1.2 TEM00; M² < 1.3  
Repetition rate Single pulse - 200 kHz (extendable to 1MHz)     
Center Wavelength 1028 +/- 5 nm     
Output pulse stability < 0.5 % RMS over 24 hours**     
Pre-pulse contrast < 1 :1000     
Post-pulse contrast < 1 : 200     
Polarization    Linear, horizontal  
Beam pointing stability < 20 µrad/°C  
Beam divergence 1.1x diffraction limited (of M² < 1.2 or M² < 1.3 beam)  
Burst output Pulse burst output on trigger signal.
Every n pulse continuous or trigger controlled out put
(pulse temporal spacing in burst corresponds to amplifier repetition rate)
Oscillator output Optional, typical output 0.5-1 W ***, 76 MHz, < 100 fs  

* Assuming Gaussian pulse shape. Pulse duration = ACF (FWHM) /1.41. Slightly varies with repetition rate.
**Under stable environmental conditions
***Available up to 6W.

Please contact us for customized version of "PHAROS".

Utility requirements

Electric 110 VAC, 50-60 Hz, 20 A
220 VAC, 50-60 Hz, 10 A
Room temperature 15-30 ºC (air conditioning recommended)
Relative humidity 20-80 % (non condensing)

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Bild 1
Beschreibung 1
Bild 2
 pharos oem
Beschreibung 2
 PHAROS OEM version
Bild 3
 pulse energy vs repetition rate
Beschreibung 3
 Pulse energy vs. repetition rate
Bild 4
 Pulse duration
Beschreibung 4
 PHAROS pulse duration
Bild 5
 Pharos spektrum
Beschreibung 5
 PHAROS spectrum
Bild 6
 Pharos laser drawing
Beschreibung 6
 PHAROS laser drawing
Bild 7
 Pharos beam profile near field
Beschreibung 7
 Typical PHAROS near field beam profile at 200kHz
Bild 8
 Pharos beam profile far field
Beschreibung 8
 Typical PHAROS far field beam profile at 200kHz
Bild 9
Beschreibung 9
Bild 10
Beschreibung 10