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TOPAG Lasertechnik GmbH
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64285 Darmstadt
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GTH-3.6-1.75 - Gaussian-to-Top Hat beam shaping lens


These types of beam shapers have a free-form surface which redistributes a Gaussian beam profile (TEM00) into a square Top Hat profile. GTH beam shapers operate within a large wavelength range from VIS to NIR. For GTH beam shapers the focal length of the additional focusing optic determines the Top Hat size in the focal plane. The combination with cylindrical optics also allows generating of homogeneous line profiles.


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The beam shaper lens GTH-3.6-1.75 can be introduced nearly at any position into the beam path. Even in front of or within a beam expander. It's just to consider that the beam diameter at the position of the GTH-3.6-1.75 is 3.6mm (@1/e²). By focusing the shaped beam a homogeneous Top Hat profile with a size of 3.2µm/NA can be realized. NA represents the numerical aperture of focused beam. Therefore it is possible to generate Top Hat sizes in a range of 50µm to 1500µm with a single GTH-3.6-1.75 beam shaper lens.

Topag offers GTH beam shapers with the following standard AR/AR coatings: Single line AR/AR coatings @ 1064nm, 1030nm, 532nm or 515nm, or broad band AR/AR coatings @ VIS (400-700nm) or IR (700-1300nm). Other AR/AR coatings on request.

Model No.: GTH-3.6-1.75-coating

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Input beam (at position of shaper) TEM00, Ø 3.6mm +/- 0.15mm (@1/e²)
Necessary free aperture always 2.2x beam diameter (@1/e²), along total beam path
Full fan angle of Top-Hat generation 1.75mrad
Achievable Top Hat size @ 1/e² 5x diffraction limited @1064nm, 10x diffraction limited @ 532nm
Efficiency > 95% of input energy within Top Hat profile
Homogeneity ±5% (rel. to average intensity within Top Hat)
Damage threshold 3J/cm² @ 532nm, 10ns
Material LF5
Recommended wavelength range 400…1550nm
Dimensions glass substrate Ø (12.0 -0.1) mm/thickness (2.0 +/- 0.1)mm
Clear aperture of lens Ø 11.0mm
AR/AR coating @ 1064/1030nm, 532/515nm, VIS (400-700nm) or IR (700-1300nm), others on request
Beam shaper is mounted in ring holder, Ø 25.4mm
Accessories: adjustable x-y holder (990-0050), beam expander

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 GTH TopHat width
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 Top Hat sizes
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