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ORPHEUS-N nicht kollinear

Abstimmbares NOPA-System ORPHEUS-N


Orpheus-N ist ein nicht-kollinearer Optisch-Parametrischer Verstärker (NOPA), der mit einem Femtosekunden-Laser (Pharos, Carbide) gepumpt wird. Der NOPA ist in zwei Versionen verfügbar, Orpheus-N-2H (gepumpt bei 515nm) und Orpheus-N-3H (gepumpt bei 343nm). Aufgrund der nicht kollineraren Ausbreitungsrichtung ist nur die Signal-Welle nutzbar, dafür liefert der NOPA relative kurze Pulse <30fs.


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  • Pulse duration down to 15 fs
  • High repetition rates of up to 1 MHz
  • Several devices can be pumped by a single PHAROS laser system
  • Computer controlled wavelength tuning
  • Excellent Time-Bandwidth Product (TBP) values
  • Spectral bandwidth and pulse duration control
  • Built in pulse compressor.
  • Optional built in second harmonic generator of signal pulses

The principle of operation of “ORPHEUS-N” is based on non-collinear parametric amplification of white-light continuum in a nonlinear crystal. The non-collinear amplifier is pumped by either the 2nd or 3rd harmonic of “Pharos” produced by built-in harmonics generator. ORPHEUS-N works at repetition rates of up to 1 MHz. The device is equipped with computer controlled stepping motor stages, allowing automatic tuning of the output wavelength. An optional signal’s second harmonic generator is also available, extending the tuning range down to 250 – 450 nm. Featuring a state of the art built in pulse compressor ORPHEUS-N is an invaluable instrument for timeresolved spectroscopy. More than two ORPHEUS-N systems can be pumped with a single PHAROS laser providing several pump and/or probe channels with independent wavelength tuning.


Tab 2

"ORPHEUS-N" models

Model Wavelength range, nm Pulse duration
ORPHEUS-N-2H 650-900 nm <30 fs @ 700-850 nm
ORPHEUS-N-3H 500-800 nm <30 fs @ 530-670 nm
<80 fs @ 670-800 nm

Pump specifications

Pump source PHAROS
Wavelength 1030 nm
Repetition rate 1-1000 kHz
Pump energy 8 - 100 μJ
Pulse duration (FWHM) 180 - 300 fs

Performance specifications

ORPHEUS-N-2H (pump: 30 μJ @1030nm) ORPHEUS-N-3H (pump: 30 μJ @1030nm)
Built-in 2nd harmonic generator Built-in 3rd harmonic generator
Wavelength 515 nm Wavelength 343 nm
Pulse energy >14 μJ Pulse energy >8 μJ
Signal output Signal output
Tuning Range 650-950 nm Tuning range 500-800 nm
Pulse energy
>2.2 μJ@700 nm Pulse energy
>0.4 μJ @ peak
(typically ~580 nm)
>0.9 μJ@850 nm >0.2 μJ @ 700 nm
Pulse duration, assuming
Gaussian profile
<30 fs@700-850 nm Pulse duration, assuming
Gaussian profile
<30 fs @ 530-670 nm
<80 fs @ 670-800 nm
SHS output SHS output
Tuning range 325-450 nm Tuning range 250-400 nm
Conversion efficiency >10 % of Signal at
Conversion efficiency >10 % of Signal at peak


Tab 3

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Tab 5
Bild 1
 Orpheus N
Beschreibung 1
Bild 2
 orpheus N 2H tuning
Beschreibung 2
 Typical tuning curve of ORPHEUS-N-2H
Bild 3
 Orpheus N 2H pulse duration
Beschreibung 3
 ORPHEUS-N-2H pulse duration and spectral width
Bild 4
 orpheus N 3H tuning
Beschreibung 4
 Typical tuning curve of ORPHEUS-N-3H
Bild 5
 Orpheus N 3H pulse duration
Beschreibung 5
 ORPHEUS-N-3H pulse duration and spectral width
Bild 6
 orpheus N drawing
Beschreibung 6
 ORPHEUS-N drawing
Bild 7
Beschreibung 7
 ORPHEUS-N-2H and ORPHEUS-N-3H pumped simultaneously with PHAROS
Bild 8
Beschreibung 8
Bild 9
Beschreibung 9
Bild 10
Beschreibung 10
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