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Compact, entirely air-cooled industrial picosecond laser ATLANTIC


The picosecond laser Atlantic for micromachining is available as a compact, entirely air-cooled model. TOPAG offers this laser from the manufacturer Ekspla with 10 ps pulse duration in three variations. Atlantic IR5 delivers an average power of 5 W at 1064 nm. The model Atlantic GR2 offers the choice between 2 W at 532 nm and the fundamental wavelength. Meanwhile, Atlantic UV1 delivers 1 W at 355 nm with optional output at 1064 and 532 nm. For all wavelengths, the laser stands out by its excellent pulse-to-pulse stability.

Because of the short pulse duration, the thermal damage at the processed material is reduced to a minimum. In many applications in areas like photovoltaic, electronics, biomedicine or automotive, this is becoming increasingly important. The high repetition rate of up to 1 MHz at pulse energies up to 30 µJ allows efficient production processes with high throughput. Furthermore, air-cooling and the small dimensions of only 372 x 158 x 590 mm³ facilitate the integration in your process. Thus, the Atlantic is a cost-effective ultrashort pulse laser and an attractive alternative to other conventional industrial lasers for micromachining.

Industrial picosecond laser ATLANTIC