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Precise infrared wavemeter SHR-IR

Wavemeter SHR-IR

The Echelle wavemeter SHR-IR is a reasonably priced high-precision instrument with a large spectral range from 600 to 1800 nm for laser monitoring, analysis of spectral lines and laser spectroscopy. The compact design doesn’t contain any movable components. Control via USB interface allows a mobile use with your notebook.

The wavemeter SHR-IR can measure the wavelengths of both CW and pulsed lasers. The exact measurement of laser pulses at low repetition rates is also possible using external triggering. The instrument has an outstanding wavelength precision of ±15 pm and a very high resolution of 4000:1 (0.15 nm at 600 nm up to 0.48 nm at 1800 nm).

This makes the SHR-IR an indispensable instrument for adjustment and testing of laser systems in the infrared spectrum.

Wavemeter SHR-IR

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