22.10.2019 | New Microchannel Plates and MCP Detectors

TOPAG Lasertechnik offers microchannel plates and MCP detectors for research and industry. These products are used in many different areas like biology, experimental physics or medical engineering.

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10.09.2019 | Newsletter September 2019

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02.09.2019 | New Ultra-Stable Green CW Lasers

TOPAG Lasertechnik extends her portfolio of green CW Lasers. We are happy to announce the new cooperation with the US manufacturer Lighthouse Photonics. This company develops and produces ultra-stable CW lasers with 532 nm wavelength.

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28.08.2019 | Tunable IR Laser

The tunable Laser NT277-XIR from the manufacturer Ekspla stands out by its large infrared tuning range from 2.5 to 12 µm. The system integrates OPO and DPSS pump laser in a single, compact housing and delivers up to 80 µJ at repetition rates of 1000 Hz and pulse duration of < 10 ns.

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06.08.2019 | Femtosecond Laser CARBIDE with Higher Pulse Energy and Repetition Rate

TOPAG offers the femtosecond laser CARBIDE manufactured by Light Conversion with improved specifications. The compact and robust femtosecond lasers stand out by their excellent output parameters and are used in science and industry for 24/7 micromachining processes.

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24.07.2019 | Ti-Sapphire Femtosecond Amplifiers

Topag now offers Titan-Sapphire femtosecond amplifier systems with ultrashort pulses down to < 35 fs at 800 nm wavelength. Possible applications comprise among others pump-probe spectroscopy, pumping femtosecond OPA and high energy research.


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17.06.2019 | New Pulsed Subnanosecond Lasers

Topag Lasertechnik is happy to announce the cooperation with its new supplier QS Lasers. The company produces advanced diode-pumped Q-switched subnanosecond lasers dedicated for applications requiring high peak power (up to 2.8 MW) at a variable repetition rate of 1 to 100 Hz.

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10.06.2019 | Newsletter June 2019

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24.05.2019 | Precise infrared wavemeter SHR-IR

The Echelle wavemeter SHR-IR is a reasonably priced high-precision instrument with a large spectral range from 600 to 1800 nm for laser monitoring, analysis of spectral lines and laser spectroscopy. This device has an outstanding wavelength precision of ±15 pm and a very high resolution of 4000:1.

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19.03.2019 | Infrared Viewers for Lasers

TOPAG Lasertechnik offers IR viewers for laser alignment and safety in industry and science. The available models differ in compactness, spectral sensitivity, magnification, field of view and resolution to fit your specific needs.

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28.02.2019 | Compact, entirely air-cooled industrial picosecond laser Atlantic

As part of the picosecond laser series Atlantic, TOPAG offers a compact, entirely air-cooled model with high pulse energies and high repetition rates at 1064, 532 or 355 nm wavelength. This ultra short pulse laser is an attractive alternative to other conventional industrial lasers for micromachining.

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13.02.2019 | Femtosecond Oscillator Flint with Increased Output Power

The femtosecond oscillator Flint has been redesigned fundamentally. TOPAG Lasertechnik now offers the improved models of this series with significantly more output power.

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