14.10.2020 | 2020 Laser Focus World Innovators Awards for Femtosecond Laser Carbide

The renowned journal Laser Focus World awards 2020 Innovators Prize to femtosecond laser Carbide from manufacturer Light Conversion: The committee assigns Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum Awards to significant advances in products and novel technologies in photonics. The improved model Carbide 80 W, 800 µJ with BiBurst achieves the highest honors Platinum. In addition, the optical parametric amplifier option I-OPA is awarded Gold. For the first time in history two prizes go to one manufacturer.

Carbide 80 W, 800 µJ Laser with BiBurst – Platinum Honors Award

Esteemed by many users from science and industry for its extraordinary output parameters and high reliability in 24/7 applications, Carbide laser has been improved continuously. The prize committee highlights the novel BiBurst which allows improved processing and throughput in applications like drilling and cutting of brittle materials, laser engraving, selective ablation, surface functional structuring and transparent flexible materials processing. The tunable GHz and MHz bursts with burst-in-burst capability allow for completely new possibilities in high-tech production like electronics or semiconductor manufacturing, stent cutting or display manufacturing.

Optical Parametric Amplifier I-OPA – Gold Honors Award

The manufacturer Light Conversion used its long-term experience from developing optical parametric amplifiers Orpheus series to design the new option I-OPA for lasers Carbide and Pharos. Three models of the compact OPA with tuning range from 320 – 2600 nm, 650 – 2500 nm or 1300 – 10000 nm at <100 fs or <300 fs and single shot to 2 MHz repetition rate are available. This opens up new opportunities in industrial applications and multiphoton microscopy.




For more details, please visit our product page Carbide.




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