17.05.2021 | Cronus-3P: Laser source for nonlinear 3-photon microscopy

The new laser system CRONUS-3P from manufacturer Light Conversion has been developed for the analysis of biological tissue with high resolution multiphoton fluorescence microscopy. Local excitation of fluorescent dye in the tissue with a focused infrared laser leads to simultaneous absorption of two or three photons. A nonlinear excitation process leads to emission of a single photon in the visible range. The energy of this photon almost equals the sum of the energy of the absorbed photons.

3-photon microscopy (3PEF) has important advantages over 2-photon microscopy (TPEF). Using longer wavelengths (1.3 – 1.7 µm) reduces scattered light inside the tissue and results in a better signal-to-noise ratio. Thereby, for instance deeper parts of brain tissue can be analyzed with higher resolution. This opens new research opportunity in neuroscience.

The laser system CRONUS-3P with tuning range from 1.25 to 1.8 µm and up to 1.2 W output power has been developed particularly for 3-photon microscopy. The OPA-based system delivers pulse energies above 1 µJ at 1 MHz and short pulses <85 fs. The repetition rate is adjustable from single shot to 2 MHz.

Integrated compensation of group delay dispersion (GDD) guarantees optimal pulse length at the sample. In addition, compact system offers automated beam expansion, collimation, and attenuation. Optionally, automated beam steering can be added to guarantee laser pointing stability.



For more information, please visit our product page Cronus-3P

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