16.02.2021 | Diode-pumped Nanosecond Lasers with Integrated Wavelength Converter

Some applications require a single fixed wavelength that cannot be generated by conventional solid-state lasers like Nd:YAG, Nd:YLF or Ti:Sapphire or their corresponding harmonics. The newly introduced nanosecond laser series Q-Shift from manufacturer Quantum Light Instruments provides a cost-effective and high-power alternative to tunable laser systems.

Q-Shift uses the well-proven Q2 and Q2-HE laser series as pump source in combination with an integrated nonlinear conversion stage. Depending on used laser medium Nd:YAG or Nd:YLF different wavelength 1163 / 1177 nm, 1300 / 1317 nm or 1551 / 1571 nm are generated. Additional wavelengths in VIS and UV range up to 4th harmonics can be provided by optional modules SHG (attachable) or H-SMART (stand-alone). Using the different fundamental wavelengths, this results in many possible wavelengths.

Up to 10 mJ @ 100 Hz or up to 50 mJ @ 10 Hz at typical pulse durations 2-5 ns are possible. Q-Shift features a compact design, air-cooling and intuitive software control.





For more information, please visit our product page Q-Shift

Q-Shift-pulse-energy-vs-wavelength-mod.png (58 KB)

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