22.04.2020 | Femtosecond Laser Carbide with 80 W

Careful continuous development of the femtosecond laser series Carbide led to the introduction of a new model featuring doubled output power. With > 80 W max output power and > 800 µJ max pulse energy at a continuously tunable repetition rate from 100 kHz – 2 MHz and pulse durations from 290 fs – 10 ps, no compromises to excellent beam quality and industrial grade reliability were made. The optional harmonics modules deliver 515 nm, 343 nm or 257 nm.

The new burst-in-burst capability – called BiBurst – increases ablation efficiency in industrial microfabrication processes like drilling, cutting or surface structuring even further: The distance between up to 10 subsequent burst packets is about 16 ns (MHz burst). Each burst packet contains up to 10 sub-pulses at picosecond distance (GHz burst). Furthermore, the intra-burst amplitude slope can be adjusted via electronic control (increasing, decreasing or all pulses equal).


For more details, please visit our product page CARBIDE.





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