06.08.2019 | Femtosecond Laser CARBIDE with Higher Pulse Energy and Repetition Rate

TOPAG offers the femtosecond laser CARBIDE manufactured by Light Conversion with improved specifications. The air-cooled model is now available with 20% higher pulse energy, either with > 80 µJ or > 100 µJ. For the high power 40 W models, the maximal repetition rate has been doubled from 1 to 2 MHz.

The compact and robust femtosecond laser series CARBIDE stands out by its excellent output parameters: Up to > 400 µJ at pulse durations from 290 to 10 ps, repetition rates from 60 kHz to 2 MHz and 1028 nm wavelength, optionally with up to 4th harmonic.

The CARBIDE lasers are used in science and industry. They excel at drilling, cutting and material ablation of various materials. The long-term reliability in 24/7 operation has been proved by many operating systems. By relying on this laser system, our customers constantly find new opportunities to make their production processes more efficient.

For more details, please visit our product page CARBIDE.

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