13.12.2021 | High Energy Femtosecond Laser UltraFlux

Topag expands her product portfolio by UltraFlux series from manufacturer Ekspla. These novel high energy femtosecond lasers are based on OPCPA technology with patented innovations in front-end design.

UltraFlux offers all usual advantages of the OPCPA technology compared to e.g. conventional Titan Sapphire lasers. The laser system provides very high pulse contrast without complex filter technology. In addition, more efficient amplification of pulse energy leads to a reduction of thermal effects and to significant decrease in power consumption.

Special feature of Ultraflux is the innovation in front-end design: The picosecond seeder is used for both picosecond pump laser and femtosecond amplifier. This greatly simplifies the system and eliminates the need for a regenerative amplifier and synchronization of seed and pump laser. Therefore, UltraFlux provides high reliability and stability as well as a pulse contrast of up to 109.

UltraFlux delivers pulses with about 40fs at a repetition rate of up to 1kHz and pulse energy of up to 50mJ and reaches maximum average power of almost 14W. The tuning range is from 750 to 960nm. Optionally, 2nd, 3rd and 4th harmonics are available. Furthermore, pulse durations of less than 10fs can be realized by compressing the entire bandwidth.

Suitable applications for these OPCPA laser systems are femtosecond pump & probe, broadband CARS and SFG, nonlinear spectroscopy and high harmonic generation.





For more details, please visit our product page on OPCPA Laser Systems

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