12.09.2022 | Industrial Femtosecond Laser Receives Innovators Award

The journal Laser Focus World awards Innovators Award 2022 to industrial femtosecond laser FemtoLux30 for its innovative cooling system. The 30 W lasers employs Direct Refrigerent Cooling based on a compressor instead of standard water cooling. This method provides high heat transfer rates and high temperature stability at compact dimensions. In particular, no periodic maintenance is necessary. Therefore, Direct Refrigerent Cooling perfectly fits demanding requirements of 24/7 industrial applications.

FemtoLux30 delivers tunable pulse durations from <350 fs to 1 ps at repetition rates from single pulse to 4 MHz. Maximum pulse energy of >90 µJ is achieved at 200 kHz. Using burst mode even higher pulse energies up to 250 µJ are available. FemtoLux30 is a versatile tool for processing brittle materials like glass, sapphire or ceramics, for microelectronics manufacturing as well as for high precision micro-structuring of metals and polymers.








For more details, please visit our product page on Femtosecond Laser FemtoLux30

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