28.05.2020 | Laser and Nonlinear Crystals

TOPAG offers a wide range of crystals for laser applications, which are used as optical gain sources as well as frequency conversion and mixing purposes.

Laser gain crystals are typically based on rare earth (e.g. Nd, Er, Yb, Ho) or transition metal (Cr, Ti) ions doped into host materials like YAG, KGW/KYW, YLF, YAlO, sapphire and others. Different doping concentrations, cut angles, crystal sizes and shapes are available.

Further nonlinear materials like BBO, LBO, KDP, KTP, for frequency conversion and mixing (e.g. SHG, THG, OPG/OPA, DFG), Raman and q-switching applications complete the range of laser crystal products.

Crystals can be delivered unmounted or in standard ring shape or customer specific mounts. Coatings for different applications are available. Furthermore, crystal ovens can be ordered for operation of nonlinear crystals at elevated temperatures for phase matching and moisture protection.




For more details, please visit our product page Crystals.





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