07.12.2020 | New Compact, Air-cooled Tunable Laser Q-Tune-IR for Infrared Spectroscopy

The newly available pulsed nanosecond laser Q-Tune-IR is tunable in the infrared wavelength range from 1380 to 4500 nm. Typical pulse energy is >20 mJ @ 1500 nm and >6.5 mJ @ 3500 nm at 3-4 ns pulse duration, <10 cm-1 linewidth and 10 Hz or 20 Hz depending on chosen model. In addition, there is a cost-effective alternative version of Q-Tune-IR with lower pulse energy. On request, the system can be configured with extra output port for the pump laser beam with up to 100 mJ @ 800 nm.

The laser is air-cooled, low-maintenance and easy to operate. You can control OPO and pump laser via ethernet interface from your web browser on your computer or even smartphone. All components are integrated in a single compact housing. Laser operation simply requires connecting the included power plug.

Q-Tune-IR is suited for many different spectroscopic applications: Infrared spectrophotometry, cavity ring-down spectroscopy, gas spectroscopy, single vibrational molecule spectroscopy or scanning near-field optical microscopy.



For more information, please visit our product page Q-Tune-IR

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