26.04.2023 | New Cooperation between TOPAG Lasertechnik and Femto Easy

With immediate effect, TOPAG Lasertechnik is taking over the distribution of USP measurement technology in Germany and Austria for the French manufacturer Femto Easy. Products comprise beam profilers, autocorrelators, spectrometers and FROG systems (Frequency-Resolved Optical Gating).

The measurement of ultra-short laser pulses is a complex task that often presents users with great difficulties. Femto Easy’s vision is to design measurement devices in such a way that they are as easy to use as possible without sacrificing measurement accuracy. The user-friendly and intuitive software is touchscreen-enabled.

An extensive portfolio of beam profilers with different pixel sizes, sensor dimensions, form factors, resolutions and wavelength ranges are available. Next to these products, the main focus of Femto Easy are autocorrelators for pulse duration measurements in the range from few femtoseconds to picoseconds.

The single-shot autocorrelators ROC enable measurements of single pulses up to repetition rates of 125 kHz. Miniature µROC fits in every pocket and brings high precision measurements of Ti:Sa and Yb based lasers to a new level. Alternatively, multi-shot autocorrelator MS-ROC offers more flexibility, pulse durations can be measured over a large range and at low pulse energies and various wavelengths. Simply connect your autocorrelator to a laptop and place it into the beam path, the measured pulse duration will be shown directly in the included software – all in less than two minutes.

If the properties of a pulse are to be determined more precisely, pulse duration measurement using Frequency-Resolved Optical Gating (FROG) is recommended. It enables complete pulse characterization including spectral width, chirp, wavefront tilt, phase modulation and dispersion.






For more details, please visit our product page on Autocorrelators

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