26.01.2022 | New Femtosecond Lasers with High Pulse Energy up to 3 mJ

Laser manufacturer Light Conversion extends its femtosecond laser series Pharos and Carbide by new high pulse energy models. The new Pharos-PH2-3mJ with 20 W output power and repetition rate up to 1 MHz provides maximum pulse energy of 3 mJ at up to 7 kHz repetition rate. Similarly, a new version of high-power model Carbide 80 W with repetition rate up to 2 MHz is available now. This model delivers maximum pulse energy of 2 mJ at up to 40 kHz repetition rate. Smaller repetition rates at constant pulse energy can be achieved via pulse picker.

The new femtosecond lasers with high pulse energies are suited in particular for High Harmonics Generation (HHG), for generating Terahertz radiation (THz), for pumping OPCPA systems, and for laser systems with several simultaneously pumped OPAs.



For more details, please visit our product pages on Femtosecond Laser Series Pharos und Femtosecond Laser Series Carbide

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