22.10.2019 | New Microchannel Plates and MCP Detectors

TOPAG Lasertechnik offers microchannel plates and MCP detectors for research and industry. These products are used in many different areas like biology, experimental physics or medical engineering.

The standard series comprises round and rectangular microchannel plates in different sizes with a channel size of 10, 12 or 15 µm. On customer request, smaller channel sizes down to 3 µm are possible. Now available are rectangular MCPs with 96 x 96 mm active area and round MCPs with 78 mm active area.

TOPAG also offers MCP detectors with single MCP, Chevron arrangement or as Z-stack. A gain of 109 is reached with Z-stack. These MCP detectors can be equipped with metall anode or phosphor screen.

Your application has demanding requirements? TOPAG provides customer specific solutions i.e. with modified size, shape or channel size and gives technical advice on your project.


For more details, please visit our product pages Microchannel Plates and MCP Detectors



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