24.03.2022 | New Tunable Picosecond Laser PT277-XIR with Large Tuning Range

TOPAG now offers a novel picosecond laser system for infrared spectroscopy with a very large tuning range from 7000 cm-1 (1400 nm) to 625 cm-1 (16 µm). The laser system delivers up to 150 mW at 2500 cm-1 and 10 mW at 800 cm-1 with a repetition rate of 87 MHz. OPG and XIR unit provide extremely short pulses (a few picoseconds) with very low spectral bandwidth <5 cm-1.

The system emits pulse trains with modulation frequency between 70 kHz and 2 MHz. The novel microprocessor technology for control of the step motors allows most precise wavelength scans (e.g. in the XIR range from 625 cm-1 to 2080 cm-1 within 1 second). Pump laser and OPO are integrated in a unibody design. This facilitates installation and maintenance and ensures long-term stability.




For more details, please visit our product pages on Tunable Picosecond Laser PT277-XIR

PT277-XIR-Single-Housing-MIR-Tunable-Picosecond-Laser.jpg (138 KB)

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