13.01.2020 | New Tunable Ytterbium-doped CW Laser

The diode-pumped solid-state laser TEMA-CW has a robust, monotholitic design and stands out by its excellent reliability, output power stability and beam quality. Low beam divergence and ellipticity combined with TEM00 beam profile, output power up to 7.5 W and motorized wavelength tuning in the range from 1010 to 1070 nm make for an invaluable tool for applications like optical tweezers and traps or laser spectroscopy.

Linewidth of the standard model is < 45 GHz. Optionally, TEMA-CW is available with 18 - 45 GHz (1 etalon) or 2 - 3 GHz (2 etalons) and optional fiber coupling. Special software is provided for control of laser parameters.


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