02.09.2019 | New Ultra-Stable Green CW Lasers

TOPAG Lasertechnik extends her portfolio of green CW Lasers. We are happy to announce the new cooperation with the US manufacturer Lighthouse Photonics. This company develops and produces diode-pumped CW lasers with 532 nm wavelength and up to 20 W output power. The lasers stand out by their excellent power stability (< 0.5%), extremely low noise (< 0.02%) and near-perfect TEM00 beam profile.

The compact, durable and low-maintenance CW lasers are dedicated for pumping Ti:Sapphire lasers. Further applications comprise interferometry, flow cytometry and spectroscopy. Different models are available to fit customer-specific requirements. The Sprout CW lasers by Lighthouse Photonics offer excellent value for money.

For more details, please visit our product pages Sprout CW Lasers



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