02.09.2022 | New Ultrashort Pulse Femtosecond Laser Pharos-UP with 100 fs

Manufacturer Light Conversion from Lithuania extends its well-proven femtosecond laser series Pharos by a new short pulse version with <100 fs. The previously available models provide 10 W or 20 W output power at pulse durations <190 fs and repetition rates up to 1 MHz. Pharos stands out by its high flexibility and excellent beam and stability properties. Pulse duration is adjustable from minimum pulse duration to 10 ps. Repetition rate is also adjustable via software in range from 1 kHz to 1 MHz. The integrated pulse picker allows to reduce repetition rates further even down to single pulses.

Ti:Sapphire lasers are often used for applications requiring very short pulses. For 100 fs now a Yb-based alternative is introduced. While Ti:Sapphire amplifiers are limited to small repetition rates to a few kHz, Pharos-UP offers up to 1 MHz at even better beam quality. This enables higher throughput in scientific and industrial applications.

Pharos-UP can also be employed as pump laser. A new OPA was developed which is optimized for short pulses. Orpheus-ONE-UP provides a tuning range from 1450 nm to 4 µm with optional DFG stage to up to 16 µm.

This technical advancement has also been noticed by journal Laser Focus World. Their experts award this year’s innovators price to Pharos-UP as one of the best technical innovations in photonics.







For more details, please visit our product page on Femtosecond Laser Pharos-UP

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