01.07.2020 | OPCPA Laser Systems

Optical Parametric Chirped Pulse Amplification is the state-of-the-art technology providing high peak and average power as well as few-cycle pulse duration. It enables amazing advances in attosecond physics.

The OPCPA systems from the manufacturer Light Conversion deliver ultrashort pulses down to < 10 fs at high average power and even multi-TW peak power. There is certain flexibility when choosing your custom wavelength generated in the OPA. Up to now, systems in the range from 800 nm to 3 µm have been realized.

The OPCPA-HR systems with high repetition rates up to 200 kHz deliver up to 270 µJ at pulse durations < 9 fs. The high energy systems OPCPA-HE provide up to 100 mJ pulse energy at < 9 fs at excellent pulse contrast of 1012. Optionally, CEP phase stabilization with < 250 mrad is available.

These OPCPA systems are compact and generally customized versions. We are looking forward to discuss technical details to design an OPCPA system adapted to your application.



For more details, please visit our product pages: High Energy Systems OPCPA-HE and High Repetition Rate Systems OPCPA-HR




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