24.04.2023 | Optical Parametric Amplifier Orpheus-VIS with Ultrashort Pulses in the Visible Range

Manufacturer Light Conversion extends its portfolio of tunable femtosecond light sources by introducing new optical parametric amplifier Orpheus-VIS. This OPA delivers pulse durations of <70 fs in the tuning range from 320 to 900 nm, and even <50 fs in the range from 500 to 600 nm. Optionally, wavelength tuning down to 250 nm is available. Thereby, Orpheus-VIS is a complement to Orpheus-HE/Orpheus-HP with pulse durations from 120 to 250 fs in visible to near-infrared range as well as to Orpheus-F with pulse durations <25 fs which is optimized for NIR.

Orpheus-VIS is pumped with up to 20 W output power, up to 1 mJ pulse energy at repetition rates from single pulse to 100 kHz. Yb-based femtosecond lasers Pharos and Carbide are dedicated pump lasers for Orpheus-VIS. These pump lasers have demonstrated excellent beam properties and superior reliability in long-term use.

Orpheus-VIS serves as an excellent high-repetition rate light source for ultrafast spectroscopy such as two-dimensional electronic spectroscopy (2DES) or time-resolved photoemission spectroscopy, and many other applications in the visible spectral range.





For more details, please visit our product page on Femtosecond OPA Orpheus-VIS

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