18.03.2020 | Spectrometer M522 with three output ports

M522 is a long-focal 522 mm fully automated monochromator-spectrograph with high line quality and low-level stray light. The standard version features two input and two output ports. Optionally, M522 is now available with three output ports and can be completed with the full set of accessories like manual and motorized standard or crossed entrance and output slits, order separating filter wheels, aperture matching units, optical fibers and CCD detectors. All spectral slits are automated; the width of the slits is software-adjustable.  Depending on the modification, M522 may contain either a turret of four diffraction gratings, or one diffraction grating in the holder. An imaging version with astigmatism compensation and large flat field is also available.

Included software provides automated control over M522 and its detectors, allows stitching spectra obtained by several diffraction grating scans in order to get a panoramic spectrum. Many possibilities of spectra processing and analysis are provided as well.

Typical applications are emission & fluorescence spectroscopy as well as absorption, reflection & transmission measurements for a wide range of analytical fields from UV to IR.


More information on M522.

M522-monochromator-spectrometer.jpg (106 KB)

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