28.08.2019 | Tunable IR Laser

The tunable Laser NT277-XIR from the manufacturer Ekspla stands out by its large infrared tuning range from 2.5 to 12 µm. The system integrates OPO and DPSS pump laser in a single, compact housing and delivers up to 80 µJ at repetition rates of 1000 Hz and pulse duration of < 10 ns. The linewidth is < 12 cm-1, pulse energy stability < 0.5 %.

Using a diode pump laser at these high repetition rates avoids the frequent flash-lamp changes that are common for flash-lamp pumped systems. Air-cooling reduces running und maintenance costs even further.

Laser parameters and wavelength are set from an external display that is easy to read even when wearing laser safety glasses. Alternatively, the laser can be controlled from a personal computer using the supplied software.

The compact, low-maintenance and easily operated laser system is an excellent choice for many applications in the infrared wavelength range like Scanning Near-field Optical Microscopy (s-SNOM) or molecule spectroscopy.

For more details on NT277-XIR, please visit our product page NT270.

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