Motorized OEM Attenuator LPA

The compact, motorized laser power attenuator series LPA with a power attenuation range from 0.1 - 98 % is used for control and stabilization of laser beams and perfectly suited for OEM applications. Standard models are designed for 1064 / 1030 nm and the corresponding harmonics. Other wavelengths are available on request. This motorized attenuator stands out by its short adjustment time and the high damage threshold.

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  • Industrial robust mechanical design
  • Motorized power attenuation control
  • Fast adjustment < 0.5 s
  • Combination with MEX beam expanders as beam delivery system


  • Precise laser micromachining
  • Laser power stabilization
  • Research


Motorized OEM Attenuator LPA

The compact, motorized laser power attenuator series LPA is designed for laser power control and stabilization.

The LPA can be produced for use in the UV, visible and NIR spectral ranges, from 250 nm to 2000 nm. These devices have a unique mechanical, closed-loop optical and integrated electronics design ensuring high stability, repeatability and minimal device dimensions.

All optical elements of these laser power attenuators are made for high LIDT and provide stable and reliable performance even if used with high power lasers in industrial applications.

The secondary laser beam from the laser power attenuator unit is rejected through the output window to the external beam dump (optional) in order to avoid any thermal effects or stress in the housing of the LPA device.


Beam Delivery System BDS

The attenuator LPA can be combined with OEM Beam Expander Series MEX. Specifications of the BDS series are enclosed in the pdf.







Model LPA-A1)
Wavelength 2) 1064 / 1030 nm 532 / 515 nm 355 / 343 nm 257 / 266 nm
Power attenuation 0.1 - 98 % 0.1 - 98 % 0.2 - 96 % 0.5 - 95 %
Coating (LIDT) 3) 10 J/cm2 5 J/cm2 3 J/cm2 2 J/cm2
Adjustment motorized
Input / output clear aperture 9 mm
Close to open time < 0.5 s
Controller integrated, USB or RS232

1) This attenuator is available without integrated controller. Identical specifications except input / output clear aperture 18 mm. For full details, please see the enclosed pdf.

2) Other wavelengths in range from 250 to 2000 nm on request.

3) LIDT given for 10 ns at the corresponding wavelength.

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