HSF01 - Adjustment Mounts for Laser Beam Shaping Optics

For alignment of TOPAGs TopHat beam shapers a x-y-positioner is necessary. The positioner HSF01 allows a translation of the beam shaper in x- and y-direction.

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For alignment of Top Hat beam shapers a adjustment mount for translation in x- and y-direction is necessary. The adjustment mount HSF01 offers this option of translation. The adjustment mount HSF02 additional enables the option to rotate the beam shaper around the z-axis. This leads to opportunity to rotate/align the Top Hat profile in working plane. Both mounts can also be used for beam splitters or beam samplers.

Model HSF01
Travel range max. 3 mm
Accepts Ø 25.4 mm/thickness max. 6mm (max. 7mm without plastic rings)
Clear/free aperture Ø 23mm

M6x7 threaded hole for attachement.

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