NL740 Series - Ultra-stable Narrow Bandwidth Diode-pumped Nanosecond Lasers

The nanosecond laser of the NL740 series stands out by its narrow bandwidth, stable SLM pulses. The laser delivers up to 100 mJ at a tunable pulse duration of 3 - 10 ns and a repetition rate of 100 Hz. Because of its excellent temporal and spatial stablity, this laser is suited for application in metrology, in particular for LIDT (laser induced damage threshold).

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  • Narrow bandwidth, stable, true SLM pulses
  • Excellent pulse energy (typically 0.1 % StDev @ 1064 nm) and pulse duration stability
  • Excellent spatial mode stability
  • Excellent output power stability (typically < ±0.5 % peak-to-peak)
  • 3  –  10 ns tunable pulse duration
  • Up to 100 mJ output energy
  • Up to 100 Hz repetition rate
  • 1064, 532 nm or 355 nm output wavelength
  • Reliable 24/7 operation


  • Metrology, especially Laser-Induced Damage Threshold (LIDT)
  • Front end for power amplifiers
  • Interferometry and holography
  • Material processing and others

The main feature of NL740 series is the output of ultra-stable tunable duration (2 – 10 ns) narrow bandwidth nanosecond pulses based on temporally driven CW diode laser seeder and amplification stages.

Start of the system is the single mode DFB laser with temporal output power modulator. Such front-end ensures reliable generation of SLM mode that is highly beneficial for formation of low temporal modulation ultra-stable pulses. Then light is amplified in diode pumped regenerative amplifier in order to reach energy sufficient to amplify in diode pumped amplifiers.

Power amplifier is a chain of double pass amplifiers where pulse is amplified up to 100 mJ energy at 100 Hz repetition rate. Before amplification spatial beam shaping is employed in order to get flat top shape at the output. The harmonic generators are based on angle tuned nonlinear crystals placed in a heater. All diode pumped design ensures reliable operation of system at high repetition rates as well as simple and convenient maintenance.

Model 1) NL740 NL742
Pulse energy (for 5 ns) 2)
    at 1064 nm 2 mJ 100 mJ
    at 532 nm 3) na 50 mJ
    at 355 nm 3) na 30 mJ
Pulse duration 2) 3 - 10 ns
Repetition rate 100 Hz
Beam profile Gaussian top-hat
Linewidth < 0.1 cm-1
Pulse energy stability (StdDev) 4)
    at 1064 nm < 0.5 %
    at 532 nm < 1.0 %
    at 355 nm < 1.5 %


1) Due to continuous improvement, all specifications are subject to change. Parameters marked typical are illustrative; they are indications of typical performance and will vary with each unit we manufacture. Unless stated otherwise all specifications are measured at 1064 nm and for basic system without options.

2) FWHM. Measured with photodiode with 100 ps rise time and oscilloscope with 600 MHz bandwidth.

3) Harmonic outputs are not simultaneous; only single wavelength beam is present at the output at once. Manual reconfiguration is required to switch wavelength.

4) Standard deviation value averaged from pulses, emitted during 30 sec time interval after 20 minutes of warm-up.


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