PhotoSonus Series - Tunable Lasers for Photoaccoustic Imaging

The PhotoSonus series for photoacoustic imaging is dedicated for the analysis of larger volumes of tissue. There are two versions: PhotoSonus X is a low-maintainance tunable laser with integrated DPSS pump laser and OPO. It delivers up to 50 mJ at a repetition rate of 100 Hz in the wavelength tuning range from 660 to 2600 nm.

If a complete system combining pump laser, OPO, power supply and cooling system in single robust and mobile housing is preferred, then PhotoSonus (without X) is the right choice. Compared to PhotoSonus X, this system is available with lower repetition rate of 10 or 20 Hz and higher pulse energies up to 180 mJ.

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  • High 180 mJ output energy @ 10 Hz or 20 Hz pulse repetition rate
  • Up to 50 mJ output energy @ 100 Hz repetition rate
  • Wide tuning range from 660 to 1064 nm, optionally up to 2600 nm
  • Higher 250 mJ output energy is optional
  • Integrated pump laser, OPO and PSU in single portable unit
  • One year warranty
  • Low maintenance cost
  • Fiber bundle connectors with safety interlock


  • Full range fast wavelength tuning
  • High energy (250 mJ) – inquire separately
  • Rapid switching between OPO and pump wavelength (1064 nm)
  • Access to pump laser wavelengths (1064 / 532 nm)
  • Idler output 1064 – 2300 nm
  • Motorized attenuator
  • Energy meter


Following the demand of high output energies in the photoacoustic market for imaging larger volumes of tissue, PhotoSonus, a updated high energy tunable laser source for photo-acoustic imaging is introduced. Time-tested Ekspla nanosecond pump laser, parametric oscillator, power supply and cooling unit are integrated in a single robust housing to provide mobility, ease of use and low maintenance cost.
Highly flexible PhotoSonus platform makes it easy to be integrated and used in a photoacoustic imaging system: it is fully motorized and computer controlled, have user trigger outputs /inputs and special functions as fast tuning between OPO wavelengths.

Parametric oscillator generates output energies up to 180 mJ at peak of wide wavelength tuning range (650 – 1064 nm). Customizable and interlocked fiber bundle connector ensures safety and ability to fit various size fiber bundles.
For customers who demand even higher output energy, we are introducing PhotoSonus with High Energy option. 250 mJ output energy is achieved at the peak from OPO at 10 Hz. For more details inquire separately.

PhotoSonus X

PhotoSonus X is a perfect solution for photoacoustic imaging. It has high output energy of more than 50 mJ at the peak, a broad wavelength tuning range from 665 to 2600 nm.

It operates at 100 Hz pulse repetition rate. This set of parameters is perfect choice for gaining good photoacoustic signal strength and ensuring high data collection rate. Diode pumped laser technology and well-engineered system design ensures reliability and low-cost system maintenance. System comes with one-year warranty. PhotoSonus X has a fiber bundle connector with safety interlock. Bundle connector adapter and beam size are adapted to fiber bundle input ferule dimensions. It can be certified for clinical photoacoustic applications.

Model 1) PhotoSonus PhotoSonus X
Pulse energy > 180 mJ @ 10 Hz
> 160 mJ @ 20 Hz
> 50 mJ
Wavelength range
    Signal 680 - 1064 nm 665  - 1064 nm
    Idler (optional) 1065 - 2300 nm 1065 - 2600 nm
Pulse duration 3 - 5 ns 2 - 5 ns
Repetition rate 10 or 20 Hz 100 Hz
Linewidth < 10 cm-1

1) Due to continuous improvement, all specifications are subject to change without notice.

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