SDH - Compact High Aperture Spectrometer

Spectrometers of SDH series offer a variety of options for gratings with resolution down to 0.06 nm, as well as Si and InGaAs detectors for wavelengths from 200 nm up to 2.5 µm. Variants with one as well as 4-grating turret are available. All models are fiber coupled and equipped with a multi-position input filter for spectral order cutting. Control and powering is handled via USB and with a user-friendly software.

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  • High resolution up to 0.06 nm
  • High aperture ratio of 4.4
  • A wide choice of detectors, including TE cooled models
  • A kit of accessories for light input into the spectrometer


  • Registration of laser radiation
  • Plasma monitoring
  • Analysis of any light source in the range 190 - 1100 nm

Two SDH models are available:

  • SDH-I with one fixed diffraction grating
  • SDH-IV with a four-position turret of diffraction gratings for manual switching

The standard delivery set contains an 8-position turret with gratings for cutting high spectrum orders (3 standard filters, manual switching), a two-lens UV silica condenser f=16mm, an optical fiber with the SMA-905 adapter, two synchronisation cables (direct and reverse), and control USB-cable. Thus, you can choose the most suitable method of delivering the analyzed radiation to your spectrometer.

The SDH spectrometers are convenient and easy to use: they are calibrated by the manufacturer, do not contain any movable parts, have rigid and thermostable design.

The spectral range and resolution (i.e. grating lines density) are chosen at the time of placing your order. For your convenience the specifications lists the average values of grating dispersion, spectral resolution and multichannel array bandpass of the CCD detector corresponding to a certain grating. Contact  us for more precise calculation of parameters for your spectrometer.

The SDH can be triggered from your light source with standard TTL trigger pulses via the BNC-58 connector. The SDH is also able to produce TTL trigger pulses.

Model 1) SDH-I SDH-IV
Spectral range 200 - 2560 nm 200 - 1700 nm
Spectral resolution 0.06 - 12 nm 0.18 - 4.5 nm
Focal length 150 mm
F/number 1 : 4.4
Computer interface USB

1) Both models are available with different diffraction gratings. The indicated specifications depend on the chosen grating(s). For more details, please download the product datasheet.

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